In the recent years there had been great buzz around contextual advertising programs such as AdSense. The text based ads are cheaper, and are generally considered a cost saving way to brand a product or service online. However, it is also widely accepted that image based banner ads are still getting more response from the web surfers.

A general misconception that is found among small businesses looking for cheap online advertisement solutions is that they believe that only the text ads can be contextual. Please allow me to explain what context in online advertisement means. In today’s popular online advertising program, you define a certain few keywords in your ad campaign, and then you define a region, or other demographic information. These advertising programs use cookies to track web users, when the defined keywords, region and demographics information are matched your ad is displayed. It does not matter whether your advertisement is in text format or in image format.¬† Cookie Banner Text

We all know the common phrase and the marketing mantra that an image is better than a thousand words. So an image based Banner Design advertisement is much better than a simple text message.

It can hold information that text simply can’t convey. An image can deliver complex ideas that would otherwise require lots of text to explain in words. It can use colors, artistic style, and aesthetic sense and user sensitivities to exploit the human nature.

A banner design does not need to be a static image, it could be an animated image with blinking text, or it could be a small flash movie. Illustrations are much more powerful especially when the ideas are presented in an organized animated form where important features are highlighted or moved around the canvas. An image is not a dead medium, depending on the skills of an artist your designer can be moving, motivating, inspiring and attractive.

Banner design based advertising may cost a little more than the text based advertisements. This is again a proof that they have proven to be more effective than simple text based advertisements. The cost difference between an image ad and text ad is due to the fact that a banner causes more money to be served as an advertisement, it takes more bandwidth and disk space than a few words of text. But since they have proven to be more effective, many businesses that are concerned about highlighting their brand image use banner advertisements.

There are many online design agencies that provide banner design services to clients. There are many different kind of banner in use. Prices of design services vary from one company to another. Your decision to choose the right design service depends on your needs, budget and where you would like to use this banner and how you intend to use it.