E-Rev Cycles is an established seller with a growing range of high quality products with free delivery Australia Wide! We ship to many locations across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart! Our high quality e-bikes make every journey an adventure that is fun and enjoyable while your getting transport! They are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly while giving you the necessary power and speed to get around!  https://erevcycles.com.au

Our Philosophy

E-Rev Cycles has a range of high quality products. We ensure that every component of our products are made to deliver exceptional performance, fitted with purposeful innovation. Our philosophy also extends to shipping with free delivery Australia wide!

BATTERY Up To 100km
Enjoy the ride

Our products have long lasting batteries sure to give you a decent distance so you can be assured you will have enough power!

Generally e-bikes will give you 30-60km range, while higher-end brands can last 60-120km on a single charge. All of which can be impacted by the surface, rider weight, cargo weight, weather, incline and battery age.